Testing Preparation

Allergy Testing

In order to accurately diagnose your allergy or asthma problem, our doctors may decide to perform allergy skin testing on your first visit for the convenience of our patients.  Your doctor must make that decision when they see you but allergy skin testing is not indicated for all conditions.  Instead, a second visit, lab work, or referral may be the appropriate next step.  If you do get allergy testing, the test results are known before you leave.  Review our Medications to Hold information sheet prior to allergy testing.

Types of allergy testing:

Skin Testing: Environmental (inhalants), foods, stinging insect

Challenge Testing: Food, Medications, Vaccines, Ice Cube, and Latex

Patch Testing: North American 80, metal, custom, and food patch testing

*For food patch testing, please pre-arrange with our staff

RAST or Lab Tests: Blood tests can be done at nearby facilities or at your doctor’s office.  Results are typically available within two weeks